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BTC 0-conf - Merchant "bitcoin ACCEPTED HERE" sticker modifications needed - Bonus New sticker artwork inside!

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New Bitcoin accepted here stickers 😍

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New Bitcoin accepted here stickers 😍

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"Bitcoin Accepted Here" sticker

Salut je cherche un site de vente de stickers du type "crypto Accepted here". J'ai trouvé un site faisant cela pour le BTC mais j'aimerais trouver un site qui fassent d'autres crypto. En voyant unixsticker je me suis demandé s'il n'existait pas un site similaire pour des stickers en rapport avec les cryptomonnaies. Voilà voilà si quelqu'un sait cela m'aiderait bien pour mon food truck.
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"Bitcoin Accepted Here" sticker

Salut je cherche un site de vente de stickers du type "crypto Accepted here". J'ai trouvé un site faisant cela pour le BTC mais j'aimerais trouver un site qui fassent d'autres crypto. En voyant unixsticker je me suis demandé s'il n'existait pas un site similaire pour des stickers en rapport avec les cryptomonnaies. Voilà voilà si quelqu'un sait cela m'aiderait bien pour mon food truck.
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Looking for "bitcoin accepted here" sticker

Where can I get a 'bitcoin accepted here' sticker? Just looking for one or two with the lowest price including shipping. Thanks.
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Where can I get some 'bitcoin accepted here' stickers to place on the window/register of my business?

Just looking for a reputable vendor. Thanks.
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If I offer $100 for all those retail merchants who have "Bitcoin Accepted Here" stickers to remove it, what %age would you think will accept?

Corollary to my previous post.
My Guess is 70%. At this point, many are just too lazy to remove that worthless sticker that has probably produced nearly ~$0 sales the past year.
I think many would just do it for $20. At this point, they may have even forgotten that a poster exists on their window.
Edit: It's a hypothetical thought experiment guys. The idea is not to hand out $100 to these shops, but to figure the Net Present Value of the all future profits from Bitcoin only sales that these Retailers have in their mind.
My guess of 70% figures means, I hypothesize that for 70% of retailers the Net Present Value of all the Bitcoin customers is < $100.
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BTC 0-conf - Merchant "bitcoin ACCEPTED HERE" sticker modifications needed - Bonus New sticker artwork inside!

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Bitcoin Accepted Here Stickers site

I have been helping businesses get set up to accept Bitcoin, and I looked for a while for basic, high quality "Bitcoin Accepted Here" stickers to provide them. After not finding something I was really satisfied with I decided to create my own web site. I wanted to share this and get feedback from the community.
The price isn't your typical cheap $1 stickers you'll find on most sites, but I have spent some time getting the details right on these in a way that I couldn't find elsewhere. High quality, clear vinyl material, inside glass adhesive, based on the familiar common logo design, and free international shipping included.
I'd like to know of any feedback either in the comments or here.
For reference, the following post is one of the inspirations for my efforts and one of the initial posts that helped me do a lot of research:
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Looking for "bitcoin accepted here" sticker /r/Bitcoin

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Where can I order customized "bitcoin accepted here" sticker for businesses?

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In 2013 butters were running around sticking "bitcoin accepted here" stickers on stores to promote mass adoption. After business got mad and began removing themselves from butt directories to end the harassment, butters found a new way to spread the word of Satoshi (PBUH).

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Another Bitcoin adoption metric: Bitcoin Accepted Here sticker sales up 250%

Along with the many other ways to see the trend (mainstream media articles, google trends, coinmap, etc.), I am very happy to present another metric that shows an increase in the adoption of Bitcoin. My store BTC Gear has been around for a year and a half and we just had one of our biggest weeks ever without any change in marketing or exposure. Our Bitcoin Accepted Here stickers have seen a 250% increase in sales over the previous week which was itself a record high. We're very excited about what this means for the Bitcoin community and thought we'd share it with reddit.
In addition to Bitcoin stickers, we also sell some really high quality Bitcoin hats. This is the part where I was going to pimp our Black Friday sale, but I decided to just give reddit some coupons to make Black Friday come early this year. These coupon codes are good for today only, but the same deals apply automatically on Friday if you miss them today.
hat131127 - good for 60% off Bitcoin hats
stik131127 - good for 25% off all Bitcoin stickers
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100+ "Bitcoin Accepted Here" Stickers - FREE if you can actually do something productive with them.

Edit: found a worthy recipient.
I ordered a ton of "Bitcoin Accepted Here" stickers (the ones you pretty much see everywhere) awhile back thinking I'd put them into the yBitcoin magazines we were distributing. That didn't pan out.
Now I feel like these need to go to someone who has access to brick and mortar businesses that can actually display them. I was thinking of sending them to BitPay for this reason, but they're probably too busy. Maybe the AirBitz guys? Someone who runs a site listing Bitcoin Merchants?
Anyone out there have an actual use for these? I have about 45 of the regular sticker type, and about 50 of the kind that are sticky on the front. So you can display in a window. These particular ones go for about $4.99 each.
Prefer to send them to 1 person with some connections versus 100 people who want to put them on their bedroom mirror.
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[WTS] [Worldwide] Bitcoin Accepted here stickers 99 cents payable in BTC

Low 99 cent shipping per order so long as the entire order is stickers. Seller since 2011. The sticker below is one of three different Bitcoin accepted here stickers we have.
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Paid for my sushi with BTC... thoughts...

Had an excellent dinner at Crudos in Wynwood (Miami). Saw the bitcoin accepted here sticker on the door so I asked to pay with BTC. The server was a little nervous and confused, seemed he hadn't done that before but was sort of aware of it. He went and grabbed his manager's phone (maybe the owner?) and passed me the QR code. Sent payment plus tip.. zero confirmation transaction... done. Got me thinking....
1.) Someone mentioned the owners are Venezuelan. I can't confirm, but it made me feel good that possibly they have family back in VZ that could somehow benefit from BTC. USD can't go there easily. BTC is all-terrain.
2.) This was my first "meatspace" BTC transaction. It was a little bit strange just sending BTC to some manager guy's wallet on his phone (that went into screen lock while I fiddled with my wallet). I mean, its fine and I understand it is a rare occurrence, but are there some branded wallets out there or something that that make things a bit more "official"? Also, I expected a dedicated device/ipad or something considering the servers take orders with devices.
3.) Lightning is needed. Realistically zero conf transactions are adequate for restaurants. If I paid with a $100 bill they wouldn't know if it was counterfeit until I was long gone. If I paid with credit card I could dispute the transaction a month later. Etc... But still, the dood's wallet didn't support lightning and things will be just better when all parties know the transaction is clear.

The pork belly appetiaer and Crudus roll was excellent
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Korean "Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here" Stickers

Does anyone know if these exist and where I can find some? A friend is opening a new business and will accept BCH using the Bitcoin Cash Register App.
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On the weekends I operate a small hot dog cart in Iowa. I've been accepting crypto since I opened 3 years ago. Today I had my first crypto payment...

... and it was ARK!
I've been into ARK since last year and I just wanted to share this because I was sort of shocked when the customer asked if I happened to accept ARK. I've always assumed my first crypto payment would've been BTC (since all I have is one of those "Bitcoin Accepted Here" stickers).
Processed it using our mobile wallets and it confirmed super quick (not any longer than using my Square reader to take a credit card payment). Totally made my day!
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The Bitcoin Bubble may cause problems for all of us.

It's no secret to any of you that Bitcoin is currently in a staggeringly large bubble. Between the time I now write this and one year ago, the Bitcoin price has increased from $640 to its current value of $5700 - an annual increase of 890%. This actually means bitcoin is one of the fastest appreciating financial assets in U.S. history (all similar rises were, of course, bubbles).
While last month it seemed that this meteoric rise might slow on bad news in the form of China shutting down crypto exchanges, this turned out to not be the case. Bitcoin has continued to rise at a truly impressive pace. While this current environment would seem like a bubble ready to burst, I would argue otherwise.
The story from Wall Street right now is that in fact, many more people want to invest in bitcoin than are currently doing so. However for many of these investors, the headache of having to go to bitcoin exchanges and learn about wallets etc. is keeping them at bay. They are waiting for more traditional instruments to come out of Wall Street before jumping on board.
And those instruments are coming. With Goldman Sachs discussing opening up bitcoin operatons, Bitcoin ETF's finally passing muster and being allowed to open, cryptocurrency based investment funds such as the one provided by Metis Management or the EToro's Crypto Fund coming online, and Wall Street beginning to have talks of creating Crypto futures markets, people's access to pathways to Crypto investment is increasing rapidly. Hedge fund managers are also trying to get in on the current action.
This means that Bitcoin and other cryptos are in the process of coming to a much larger market. Of course I don't have to remind any of you that the fundamentals of bitcoin have not really changed since the sub $200 price levels of 3 years ago. Its essentially the same tech. Further, acceptance by business has hardly increased at all(anecdotally it has decreased, those "Bitcoin Accepted Here" stickers are gathering dust).
The irrational exuberance of the Bitcoin markets, which until now have mostly been available to dedicated enthusiasts, are opening up, and the irrationality is spreading. When Wall Street does fully jump on board, we are going to see a price run up that will make the current run look pretty cute in comparison.
The current Bitcoin market cap stands at 94.6 billion, but it bears remembering that all other cryptos have historically walked in near lock step with bitcoin, especially on the downward side of the bubbles we've seen in the past. The total market capitalization of all cryptos is 169.1 billion. While this is already staggering for an "asset" that provides little more than a chance to speculate, with Wall Street really jumping on board this number could skyrocket. Compare the figure 169 billion to a single blue chip stock, such as Apple's $805 billion capitalization, and you can get a feel for how much untapped money Wall Street can provide.
Further, Bitcoin no longer represents an isolated speculative bubble. Nvidia recently reported that sales of mining equipment accounted for a full 10% of their revenue. Many companies, mostly tech companies, have been using coin ICO's as a way to get around federal regulation, meaning that the value of coins is funding a lot of startup activity in Silicon Valley. ICO offerings now provide more start up funds than venture capitalism, the traditional way that startups are funded. A crash in cryptos would be devastating to these ventures.
Blockchain technology unrelated to bitcoin is also taking off in a big way. Companies are starting to look at blockchains as a way to manage many operations, and are getting huge funding, based largely on the current exuberance of the bitcoin market. Look to IBM's "Blockchain Labs" for a blue chip example. A big drop in bitcoin's price will shake investor faith in these companies and provoke sell offs. Even governments are jumping on board. The state of Delaware recently launched the Delaware Blockchain Initiative to provide services to companies located in state.
Whether any crash of the bitcoin sphere will ripple further than the tech world is unsure. That all depends on how "all in" Wall Street manages to get before something causes it to pop. If total crypto market cap reaches 1 trillion, which at current growth rates would only take a year, you can bet your ass that the pretty highly leveraged and longest running bull market since World War 2, which we are currently in, will take a hit. How bad of a hit depends on how much debt investors are willing to take out to jump on the bitcoin train.
However, even if the bubble bursts now there will be knock on effects for those of us working in tech. And I can tell you one thing: If a fucking internet coin that I never had an interest in buying causes a market crash that affects me personally, I will be quite annoyed.
tl;dr Bitcoin and cryptos are now big enough that the popping of the current bubble will have wider effects on the economy as a whole.
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Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here stickers available worldwide! You can earn BCH with them on too!

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Cheap "Bitcoin Cash accepted here" stickers

Anyone knows a place to buy cheap stickers in Europe? I have the image in high resolution, so a place that accepts printing custom stickers in low amounts is fine.
submitted by libertarian0x0 to btc [link] [comments] to accept Bitcoin -- Mt. Gox 1M Customers ... Bringing Crypto To A Grocery Store Near You? - EletroPay To Revolutionize Market! Benefits of accepting Bitcoin - Patrick Byrne Overstock CEO explains Buy A Home With Bitcoin? Here's How One Couple Did It  CNBC How Fast is Your Crypto

Bitcoin Accepted Here Sticker 159x58mm. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 0.75; Bitcoin Symbol Black Ring Round Sticker 80mm. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 0.75; Memorycoin Round Sticker 35mm. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 0.10; Bitcoin Accepted Here Sticker 40x19mm. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 0.08; Dogecoin Round Sticker 80mm. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 0.90; Search for: Product tags. 35mm 80mm Anoncoin bitcoin Square ... Bitcoin Accepted Here Sticker. November 12, 2018 by not2crypto No Comments. Sale! $ 3.00 $ 2.50. Showcase that you accept Bitcoin with this sticker. 3 Inches width x 1.22 Inches height. FREE SHIPPING TO THE USA! Laptop not included. 9 in stock (can be backordered) Quantity. Add to cart. Category: Stickers. Additional information ; Additional information. Dimensions: 3 × 1.2 in: Related ... My Bitcoin Sticker - With New QR Code Window Feature for you to Personalize it - Be Able to Receive Cryptocurrency Payments - Secure them at the Same Time -Let the World Know you Accept Digital Money! 3.7 out of 5 stars 6. $12.99 $ 12. 99. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Bitcoin Decal Sticker Custom Die-Cut Vinyl Crypto Currency Money. 4 ... Be the first to review “Bitcoin Accepted Here Sticker” Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Your Rating. Notify me of new posts by email. Related products. Add to cart. Funny Hodl My Coffee; Add to cart. I Told You So Bitcoin T-shirt; Add to cart. CoolWallet S Wireless Bitcoin Wallet; Add to cart. I Drink Coffee and Trade Crypto; Smart Crypto ... Feb 24, 2018 - Explore Cooperative Community Project's board "Bitcoin Accepted here" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bitcoin accepted, Bitcoin, Chrome apps.

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