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Exchange Bitcoin/Litecoin/Doge at this ATM in Tijuana, MX in the Bit Center.

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Two Genesis1 Bitcoin ATMs Deployed at Tijuana's BIT Center - Press Release

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2 two-way Bitcoin ATM's installed in Mexico March 22nd.

Two Genesis1 ATMs were installed at Tijuana's BIT Center last Saturday. This is the USD ATM and the MXN ATM. You can withdraw either USD or MXN. You can also buy bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin using Dollars or Pesos, either by scanning your QR code or printing a paper wallet.
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In honor of Talladega, here is a list of 98 FACTS ABOUT DOGECOIN AND DOGECOIN FACTS. Enjoy!

Hello, everyone!
In honor of the Talladega race, here is a list of 98 facts relating to Dogecoin and other Dogecoin-related facts, however tenuously. ;) This list isn't an official fact sheet, nor is it particularly authoritative, but hopefully you'll learn something interesting.
I tried to offer a mix of obvious and esoteric information.
  1. Josh Wise is the underdog(e) racer driving the Dogecoin-sponsored car in the Talladega NASCAR race.
  2. The number 98 comes from the number of Josh Wise's race car. You'll often see tips, etc. with 98 in them on the dogecoin subreddit.
  3. Other funny tip amounts include 4.20 and 777.
  4. NASCAR is an acronym meaning National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, referring to the stock cars that are souped-up from “normal” vehicles.
  5. NASCAR's roots are in bootlegging, where people drove illegal booze around and avoided cops with fast cars during the Prohibition.
  6. Doge- has become a useful prefix. A well-known example is the Dogecar.
  7. The Dogecar in question is a Ford Fusion.
  8. “Talladega” refers to the name of the racing track, the Talladega Superspeedway. The track was originally known as the Alabama International Motor Speedway, which is not nearly as catchy as 'Dega.
  9. The actual name of the race that Josh Wise is racing in is the Sprint Cup, during Aaron's 499.
  10. The Dogecoin “mascot” is a Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed whose name is sometimes translated as “Small Brushwood Dog.”
  11. People in the Dogecoin community are known as “shibes,” the nickname of the Shiba Inu.
  12. Sometimes “Shibes” is capitalized, just as “dogecoin” can be written in lowercase.
  13. The palindrome of Dogecar is Racegod.
  14. “To the moon!” is a rallying cry in both the Dogecoin and Bitcoin communities. It can refer to several things: the skyrocketing price, the adoption of the currency, or both.
  15. Dogecoin is based on a meme in which a Shiba Inu named Kabosu looks quizzical and uses strange grammar to remark on things.
  16. In fact, there are rules for Doge grammar.
  17. A mainstay of Doge grammar includes the use of “wow” at the end of statements.
  18. The Dogecoin font of choice is Comic Sans, released in 1994 with Microsoft products.
  19. Comic Sans, a much maligned font, was redesigned recently as Comic Neue. Classy!
  20. Dogecoin's code is derived from Litecoin, which is a cryptocurrency that developed after Bitcoin.
  21. Some of Dogecoin's biggest fund-raising efforts have included sending the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the 2014 Winter Olympics, building wells in Africa, and supporting victims of natural disasters. Plus the Dogecar!
  22. A Dogecoin ATM was demoed at Coinfest in early 2014.
  23. In Tijuana, Mexico, there are two Bitcoin-based ATMs that support Dogecoin.
  24. A house was recently put up for sale with the price of 100 million Dogecoins.
  25. A key difference between Dogecoin and Bitcoin is that Dogecoins are less rare, with 5.2 billion coins released into the economy every year.
  26. There are a handful of Dogecoin-friendly restaurants that accept Dogecoins as payment for food. One of the most well-known is the Iron Rail Diner.
  27. The Iron Rail Diner offers a “To the Moon” Sundae.
  28. If you'd rather buy food online, Dogecoin marketplaces have sprung up to allow shibes to grocery shop in their favorite cryptocurrency.
  29. The dogecoin subreddit lists a ton of service providers and shops that allow Dogecoin purchases, and there are other directories that can help you lighten your Dogewallet.
  30. Three foods available for purchase on ShopDoge are two flavors of Doritos and a pack of Mountain Dew.
  31. The stereotype does stand to some scrutiny: recent demographic surveys have skewed towards young, tech-savvy males.
  32. In fact, two recent surveys have shown female participation within the Dogecoin community at less than 15%--and one showed the level to be less than 10%.
  33. Mountain Dew is generally shown on labels as Mtn Dew. No period after Mtn, much like there being no period after the Dr. in Doctor Pepper.
  34. The no-period thing wouldn't be that unusual to someone familiar with British English: in many situations, the period is omitted after the title.
  35. The Tex-Mex fast food chain Taco Bell has exclusive rights to Mountain Dew Baja Blast.
  36. Tipping is a huge deal in the Dogecoin community.
  37. Although dogecoin is obviously very welcoming towards Dogecoin tips, other subreddits are less excited about them.
  38. “Tip” as a word isn't all that old. It originated in the 1700s and was originally a slang term.
  39. Tipping started in England when guests would offer “vails” for overnight accommodations.
  40. The word “gratuity” is much older, though the word in English has a much more official feel than the tipping found in the Dogecoin community.
  41. Tipping is a common practice in the U.S., but it's not an expectation around the world.
  42. The practice of tipping waitstaff in the States derives the fact that waiters and waitresses earn a much lower wage in order to offset food costs.
  43. In Japan, it's weird to tip people.
  44. Tips in USD are considered taxable income by the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service.
  45. The drinking water campaign in Kenya was funded partially by a 14 million-doge tip through Twitter, so-called the “most valuable tweet in history.”
  46. Dogecoin can be bought, acquired through tips, or acquired through faucets.
  47. Faucets are sites that offer a slow leak of cryptocurrency to users who enter their wallet address. Although the faucets offer free coins, the amounts are generally very small.
  48. A common occurrence in the Dogecoin community is the giveaway, a spontaneous tipping event with rules and parameters—even if the rules are that everyone who comments gets some Dogecoin!
  49. Although there are many shibes who start out in Dogecoin via mining, many others are lured in by the giveaways and the free Dogecoins that dogecoin hoists upon newcomers.
  50. The first Dogecoin conference happened in May 2014 in San Francisco. It was appropriately called DOGECON SF.
  51. Dogecoin started as a joke, but it soon became serious business.
  52. Another thing that started as a joke includes the game Goat Simulator, a ridiculously game in which the player causes goat mayhem.
  53. Testing new ideas as “jokes” can be a good way for businesses to get a sense of what their consumers actually want.
  54. One big example is ThinkGeek's Tauntaun sleeping bag, a joke that was so awesome that it had to eventually come true.
  55. You can buy legal services through Dogecoin.
  56. You can pay for an obstacle run through Dogecoins.
  57. There is such as a thing as caffeinated peanut butter, and it's available for purchase via Dogecoin.
  58. Master Gardeners—or at least one in Wisconsin—support Dogecoin!
  59. Master Gardeners are those individuals who have gotten intensive training through the American Horticulture Society.
  60. You can relax at a spa using Dogecoin.
  61. You can become a Korean martial arts master via Dogecoin.
  62. There are numerous ways to gamble your Dogecoin.
  63. Be careful, though: depending on where you live, online gambling may be illegal regards of currency.
  64. Actually, the laws regarding cryptocurrency and gambling are a bit nebulous.
  65. Online poker sites began to disallow U.S. Players from gambling their USD on a Black Friday.
  66. Black Friday is the day when profits go “in the black” (to the moon!) in time for the upcoming Christmas and holiday shopping season. It's a U.S. holiday of sorts after Thanksgiving in November.
  67. DogeMusic brings busker tips from the real world into Dogecoin tipping online. Much generous.
  68. Tipping in Dogecoin can be a type of crowdfunding, a pooling together of money for a cause that's rife around the Web of 2014 on sites such as Kickstarter, Kiva, and Indiegogo. In fact, these sites could one day accept Dogecoin tips!
  69. A handful of nonprofits accept Dogecoin, a few of which include Shelter Card, League Against Aids, Wags & Whiskers, and Ghana Medical Help.
  70. You can get a six-pack through Dogecoin. Sort of.
  71. You can surf in London through Dogecoin.
  72. May 4th is Buy Something with Doge Day, an effort to stimulate the burgeoning Dogecoin economy.
  73. May 4th is also Star Wars Day, an unofficial celebration that was given the nod by LucasArts. May the Fourth be with you!
  74. Dogecoin was introduced to the world on December 8th, 2013.
  75. If Dogecoin were a person, it would be a wobbly toddler. At the age of four months, toddlers' eyes have generally sharpened to 20/40 vision.
  76. If Dogecoin were a puppy, its vision wouldn't be in black and white, like some people believe. Instead, it would be saturated in yellows and blues!
  77. Dogecoin shares a birthday with Nicki Minaj, Mary Queen of Scots, Eli Whitney, and Ann Coulter.
  78. Another famous birthday twin includes Sinead O'Connor, who was sent to an asylum for shoplifting when she was a teenager.
  79. The day after Dogecoin's inception, an article reported that over 500 were mining the new cryptocurrency. That number has increased tremendously since then.
  80. One famous Dogecoin supporter is the man behind
  81. is a shock site from the Internet days of yore featuring, well... Google it.
  82. The owner of the .cx domain, Christmas Island, is the one who stopped the scourge of Goatse.
  83. Before the advent of novelty domains such as .ninja or .bar, domain names were based on actual locales.
  84. Colombia, owner of all .co domains, gets revenue from sites with a .co suffix.
  85. One of the top-rated posts on dogecoin shows a photo of the Jamaican bobsled team in the Olympic parade.
  86. Another post shows 50,000 Dogecoin-worth of pizza being delivered to a homeless shelter.
  87. Dogecoin is very much focused on philanthropic efforts. Studies show that doing good makes you feel good, which has likely contributed to the tipping culture on Dogecoin.
  88. That said, there have been Dogecoin scams and the like, so it's important to be cautious but friendly, much like how you'd approach an unfamiliar doge.
  89. Reddit supports Dogecoin not only through the dogecoin community. The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, accepts Dogecoin donations for crowdfunding efforts and is a big supporter of the currency otherwise.
  90. Much as there is doge, there is cate. Cate doesn't have a spokescat, however.
  91. One of the most famous meme cats is Grumpy Cat.
  92. Grumpy Cat arose to fame on Reddit in 2012 and has since become a cat celebrity of sorts.
  93. Dogecoins have been featured in street art, the most famous incidence being when an anonymous shibe started donating thousands of Dogecoins to people in San Francisco.
  94. FUD is an acronym for “fear, uncertainty, doubt.” It's bandied about in an effort to calm people down during spikes and lulls in the Dogecoin economy.
  95. The amount of Dogecoin raised to fund the Dogecar was 67.8 million Dogecoins, around $55,000 at the time of exchange.
  96. Before the Talladega race, dogecoin was a trending subreddit.
  97. The future of Dogecoin appears bright, but there's nothing factual to say about it: so many things can happen that it's impossible to predict any sort of growth trends.
  98. This list is 1,901 words long. Whew!
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Bitcoin ATM Map site - looking for the feedback

I'm representing the site, which is an advanced Bitcoin ATM Map. At the moment we're listing 260 ATMs and the number increases 1.5 ATMs daily on average.
Many people complain about Bitcoin ATMs, e.g. service quality, high fees, but I strongly believe that increase of the Bitcoin ATM network will bring more adaption and make it easy for ordinary person to buy or sell bitcoins.
Here I would like to share some new features we've added recently:
There is a new functionality we're working on, but I will really appreciate the feedback from the community how to make the service better.
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[ANN] Tijuana's 1st Bitcoin & the worlds 1st Litecoin & Dogecoin ATM's opening!

Bitcoin42 ATM’s are opening in the week of the 17th of March at the BIT Center in Tijuana! Shocked
We will present two ATM’s that buy and sell Bitcoins, one accepts US Dollars, the other Mexican Pesos. They are the first ones not only in Mexico but also in Latin America! With them, customers will also be able to buy a limited amount of Litecoins and Dogecoins. WOW!
Our main objective is a positive contribution to the potential of all living beings to develop, today and in the future. Our business model focuses on cultural, social, ecological, and economical projects that aim to tackle challenges in our society by developing creative solutions. Ethical and social responsibility is important to us. We are inspired by the Institute for Social Banking* and the Economy for the Common Good*, which received larger popularity since the banking crisis. To start, we will be giving 10% of all generated profits to local non-profit associations in Tijuana. Furthermore, customers will be able to choose the cause they want to donate to. Our motto: Think Global, Act Local!
We especially advocate for the use of crypto-currencies by non-profit organizations, so they can lower their administration costs. Through the use of crypto-currencies, non-profit organizations can get funds in a faster and more efficient way with the highest level of transparency. Through this, anybody can become a (truly) independent auditor, since one can provide information to verify balances and transactions and also allow the public to see how much in donations has been received and where it went.
We are also preparing the first Social and Ethical Crypto Currency Network, in order to enhance social and ethical responsibility in the world. We know this is a challenge, but we are ready to take it. We are open to suggestions, help and any form of support. If you are interested, contact us at [email protected] or visit us at our office, M5-3 at the Bit Center in Tijuana.
More information will follow soon. For example the exact date when we open operations. Smiley
Sincerely, Alec Hahn
Offical Website: Official Press Release:
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Buying Litecoin from an ATM in Mexico

Two ATM's (one in Pesos and the other in Dollars) that sell Litecoin as well as Bitcoin and Dogecoin are now fully functional in Tijuana, Mexico. You can also withdraw cash from Bitcoin, but not LTC or Doge. The BIT Center has free WiFi (the password is taped on the side of the column behind the MXN ATM) so even if your phone or tablet can't get 3G/4G in Mexico you can still connect to the Internet. You can buy from $1 to $300 USD of Litecoin, here's my Android wallet before (at 6:42pm) and after, with the receipt (at 6:44pm). You can use Pesos at the other ATM and buy from 10 to 5,000 Pesos worth (the machines only accept bills, and as far as I know, no $10 MXN bill exists).
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[HIRING] Exciting and innovative Bitcoin startup is looking for a manager in Tijuana!

Startup busca manager en Tijuana / is looking for a manager in Tijuana
Emocionante e innovadora startup busca manager en Tijuana
Bitcoin42 es una startup dedicada al intercambio, educación y distribución de hardware de criptomonedas. Nuestro idioma de trabajo es el inglés.
Actualmente buscamos a un manager en el BIT Center de Tijuana, México.
Perfil que buscamos: - Entusiasta de bitcoins (o criptomonedas) - Preferentemente con experiencia de uno o más años en el mundo de las criptomonedas - Excelentes español e inglés hablados y escritos - Preferentemente con experiencia en el campo financiero, pero también en el social y el cultural - Habilidades en TIC - Residencia en Tijuana y buen conocimiento de la ciudad - Habilidades de líder, motivación y alto compromiso - Flexibilidad y confiabilidad - Iniciativa e independencia
Tareas: - Operar dos cajeros Bitcoin - Servicio al cliente - Supervisión, promoción y marketing de la marca a nivel local - Relaciones públicas y formación de red de contactos - Ventas - Organización y labor de anfritión/a de eventos y talleres - Contratación - Supervisión de oficina - Desarrollo de proyectos
Pago: - Dispuesto/a a recibir pago en criptomonedas - Posibilidad de obtener una porción de la compañía
Si estás interesado/a, por favor envíanos tu CV (de preferencia en inglés, pero también aceptamos español) al email de contacto abajo indicado.
Exciting and innovative startup is looking for a manager in Tijuana
Bitcoin42 is a startup dedicated to cryptocoins exchange, education, and hardware distribution. Our working language is English.
We are currently looking for a manager at the BIT Center in Tijuana, Mexico.
Profile we are looking for: - Bitcoin (or cryptocoin) enthusiast - Ideally, experience of one or more years in the crytoworld - Excellent Spanish and English speaking and writing skills - Ideally, financial but also social and cultural background experience - IT skills - Based in Tijuana and with good knowledge of the city - Leader skills, motivation, and high commitment - Flexibility and reliability - Initiative and independency
Tasks: - Operating two Bitcoin ATMs - Costumer service - Managing, promoting, and marketing the brand locally - PR and networking - Sales - Events and workshops organizing and hosting - Recruiting - Office managing - Projects development
Payment: - Willing to receive payment in cryptocoins - Possibility of owning a share of the company
If you are interested, please send your CV (preferably in English, but Spanish also accepted) to the email address [email protected]
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Bitcoin ATMs are booming in this Latin American country ... BTC-O-MATIC - How to use a Bitcoin ATM Bitcoin ATM a Trieste in Friuli Venezia Giulia - YouTube We officially purchased our Bitcoin ATM! - YouTube Magyarország első Bitcoin ATM készüléke (part 3/3, Menyhárt Leo)

Bitcoin ATMs in Tijuana, Mexico Total number of Bitcoin ATMs / Tellers in and around Tijuana: 1. Coins: Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning BTC (LBTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ether (ETH) Dash (DASH) Litecoin (LTC) Zcash (ZEC) Monero (XMR) Dogecoin (DOGE) Tether (USDT) Ripple (XRP) Operations: Buy Sell. Location type: ATM Teller Other "Other" services are visible with larger zoom. Zoom in. List of bitcoin ... Bitcoin machines are coming up as a boon for millions around the globe. This smart and advanced machine gives every user a fast and easy way to buy Bitcoins for cash. More [+] For Business. Planning to start or run your own Bitcoin ATM? Feel free to check ways to launch a Bitcoin ATM, Important steps, and processes to be startup this business, etc. Bitcoin ATMs and other cryptocurrencies are gaining increasing popularity worldwide, to the point that there are currently almost 5,000 installed units in the world. Mexico is among the Latin American countries that host the largest number of bitcoin ATMs. According to the statistics page CoinATMRadar, Mexico shares with the Dominican Republic the second regional place in number of Bitcoin ... Tijuana is a happening place for Bitcoin ATMs to spring up, with a burgeoning alternative culture scene, multi-national appeal and tourism. "The Genesis1 is an ATM machine ready for the 21st ... Tijuana is a happening place for Bitcoin ATMs to spring up, with a burgeoning alternative culture scene, multi-national appeal and tourism. "The Genesis1 is an ATM machine ready for the 21st century, fully capable of supporting the bilateral exchange of multiple cryptographic currencies," said Genesis Coin CEO Evan Rose, who notes that multiple Genesis1 machines will be coming online in the ...

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Bitcoin ATMs are booming in this Latin American country ...

bitcoin y acciones americanas anÁlisis del precio en directo entradas 5-28-2020 dru lozano 566 watching Live now Retiro de cajero de bitcoin en tijuana - Duration: 1:22. Life In Zona Norte - Tijuana Mexico - Duration: 7:12. 2Morrows Recommended for you. 7:12. ... Bitcoin ATMs Launching in Canada - Duration: 1:57. Newsy Tech Recommended for you. 1:57 . Canada ... This is for people I met recently that said “Bitcoin is not real!” “Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme” “Bitcoin is Fake” “Bitcoin is a Fraud” “Bitcoin will never let... Bitcoins alcanzan Tijuana, únicos cajeros en latinoamerica - Duration: 1:58. ... 1:58. Bitcoin ATMs - How To Use Them - Duration: 5:09. BTC Sessions 267,838 views. 5:09. Bitcoin vs. Gold: The ... We officially purchased our Bitcoin ATM! It's located in Coral Springs Florida. Stop by and purchase some Bitcoins! NOT LEASED OR RENTED! Location: Smoke Tim...