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Bitcoin Farming, Basic Arithmetic, and you

I have written this guide to dispel a common misconception I hear from this community - that putting more than one Graphics Card in your Bitcoin Farm is a great idea.
TLDR: The FIRST graphics card you put in your bitcoin farm generates a bitcoin every 20 hours. Every additional graphics card you put in your bitcoin farm generates a bitcoin every 333.33 hours. This information is misstated on the wiki and in many videos I've seen.
More Complicated Maths TLDR from u/Mekhazzio :
TLDR: The bitcoin farm has a base production rate that's much higher than the rate added by each additional graphics cards. So when investing, you shouldn't be looking at how fast the whole farm pays itself off, but how much time it takes your N>1 graphics cards to each pay for themselves, because otherwise you could have just been pocketing the pure profit from the base production rate the whole time.
At current therapist/flea-FiR values:
That is to say, adding a GPU to an already-running farm takes three weeks before you've stopped losing money on that GPU.

A pretty simple formula is utilized to determine Bitcoin Farming output. The payback period for your first graphics card is around 3 days. For each additional graphics card that you put in the payback period is over 20 days. The reason that this has confused so many people is that they credit the production from Graphics Card 1 to the payback period for the rest of the Graphics Cards.
Caveat 1: Escape from Tarkov is a video game and, at least for us players, not a business. Many video game players are completionists, and I will not begrudge anyone who wants to max out every single part of their hideout because it will feel like an achievement. This guide discusses the impact of bitcoin farming on your PMC's wallet. If you find utility in maxing out the bitcoin farm for the feeling of completion then you should do it and probably just close this guide and not worry about it.
Caveat 2: This guide will not address people who hatchet run or pistol run to put graphics cards in their secure container that will usually end up being non-FIR. There are too many variables (spawn rate, survival rate, replacement value of just doing normal Tarkov raids instead of hatchet runs) to do a decent analysis. If you end up with non-FIR graphics cards you should put them in your Bitcoin Farm.
The formula for bitcoin generation is as follows:
Let's simplify some unnecessary constants and make this look more like a normal mathematical function. All we have to do is multiply (1/49) * (0.15) to get this, which is equivalent and much easier to understand:
Now, let's get some ground rules for investment:
Caveat 3: Prices may change, blah blah blah, unless the IRL bitcoin market crashes the conclusions from this guide will still be accurate for the most part.
I will also note that I'm not going to include the cost for fuel needed for production. Because you can craft expeditionary fuel into mag boxes, as well as do other crafts on your workbench and med station while you have the power on, this cost is negligible. Furthermore, since my thesis is that putting more graphics cards in is not worth it, the fact is that I can prove this mathematically without even accounting for the entire cost category of fuel only strengthens my argument.
Using these assumed prices, let's take a look at some different cases.
Case 1:
Building a Bitcoin Generator and putting a single graphics card in.
To calculate cost, we add the cost of building the empty generator (300k) to the single graphics card (250k) to get 550k rouble investment.
Lets calculate revenue using our formula before:BTC Generated per Hour = 0.05 + 0.003 * (Graphics Cards - 1)BTC Generated per Hour = 0.05 + 0.003 * (1 Graphics Cards - 1)BTC Generated per Hour = 0.05 + 0.003 * (0)BTC Generated per Hour = 0.05
So we're generating 5% of a bitcoin every hour which means we'll get a bitcoin from our farm every 20 hours.
So, every 20 hours we are generating a product worth ~150k. Since we invested ~550k we need to sell:
550k investment / 150k roubles per bitcoin = 3.66 physical bitcoins in order to recoup our investment
Since we can't harvest bitcoins until they are full, we actually need to wait until we get 4 bitcoins at which point we'll be making a slight profit. Generating 4 bitcoins will take 4 bitcoins * 20 hours per bitcoin = 80 hours or a little more than 3 days.
Case 2:
Adding a second graphics card to our bitcoin farm.
Now, as discussed above I'm not worried about non-FIR graphics cards that you hatchet ran to find. If you have an FIR graphics card then you can sell it on the flea market for the 250k price that I'm using as an assumption above.
This concept is called opportunity cost and if you don't understand it I will troll you in the comments: Putting an FIR graphics card into your bitcoin farm is the same as purchasing one off of the flea market and putting it in your bitcoin farm because you had the opportunity to just sell your FIR graphics card for the same price that you can buy it.
With that out of the way, let's do some math on our 2 graphics card bitcoin farm:
BTC Generated per Hour = 0.05 + 0.003 * (Graphics Cards - 1)BTC Generated per Hour = 0.05 + 0.003 * (2 Graphics Cards - 1)BTC Generated per Hour = 0.05 + 0.003 * 1BTC Generated per Hour = 0.053
So, for the cost of 250k roubles we have increased our bitcoin per hour generation by 0.003.
The first graphics card that we added to our bitcoin farm generates us one bitcoin every 20 hours, as discussed above.
The second graphics card that we added to our bitcoin farm generates 0.003 bitcoins per hour. To calculate how many hours this takes to get 1 bitcoin we do the math of 1 / 0.003 = 333.33 hours. 333.33 hours / 24 hours per day is 13.88 or roughly 14 days.
In order to recoup our investment from the 250k roubles we used to get our second graphics card we divide 250k roubles invested by 150k roubles per bitcoin = 1.66 bitcoins. We generate one bitcoin every 14 days, so we can multiply 14 days * 1.66 bitcoins = 23 days.
This math will hold true for every additional graphics card because the function is linear.
Thus, the payback period for your 250k investment in adding a graphics card past the first one to your bitcoin farm is 23 days.
To reiterate: The FIRST graphics card you put in your bitcoin farm generates a bitcoin every 20 hours. Every additional graphics card you put in your bitcoin farm generates a bitcoin every 333.33 hours.
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Leaving Forager running in the background to generate gold is like bitcoin farming except it's made up and you can't spend it on anything

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What is bitcoin farming? Is it worth it in 2020?

Are you looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency? Well, one of the first cryptocurrency that comes to your mind is Bitcoin. The pioneering cryptocurrency has paved the way for some remarkable transformations in the world of financial technology. Bitcoin works on a Blockchain platform that enables peer-to-peer interaction, and there is no interference from the third-party. In addition to the revolution which Bitcoin created, it lead to the surge of many cryptocurrencies. Presently, around 500 cryptocurrencies are floating in the market.
Before going ahead to explore about Bitocin farms and bitcoin farming, let’s have a glance at some eye-popping stats:
· By the end of 2019, around 42 million Bitcoin wallets have been set up globally.
· Around 5% of Americans hold Bitcoin
· There are around 7.1 million active Bitcoin users
· One of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase has more than 13 million users
The volume of Bitcoin trading from peer-to-peer exchange LocalBitcoin shows that countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and many African companies are jumping into the pool of cryptocurrency trading. With Bitcoin being an all-time favorite of many investors, other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others have generated a fair amount of popularity.
What does it mean for us?
Any individual who wishes to invest in Bitcoin must have a fair knowledge about Bitcoin and Bitcoin farming. In simple words, Bitcoin farming is all about extracting value from Bitcoin. Bitcoin miners, similar to framers, work on a complex algorithm and extract value from it.
In simple words, Bitcoin farmers or miners, as we know them, work on computational problems, they ensure that the system is secure, and using this, they solve complex problems. The ones who can solve these complex problems get a reward in the form of Bitcoin.
All these transactions and records are stored on the Bitcoin ledger, making it tamper-free and hacks- proof. There are two ways via which you can start exploring more about Bitcoin, you can either star working as Bitcoin farmer or miner, and work in computation problems or you can start investing in it by choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
Investing in cryptocurrencies is the best move that you can make. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will surely make a strong presence in the future, and this is the right time to start investing in it.
You can opt from the different Bitcoin exchange platform. Some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges you can consider are Coinbase, Binance, CashApp, Bisq, and many others. You can choose from either of these and start your investment in Bitcoin.
If you wish to invest in Bitcoin, then you can also consider buying using Bitcoin ATM. You can buy and sell Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM using cash or debit card. There are some Bitcoin ATM that allows you to sell and purchase Bitcoin.
This was the basic information about Bitcoin farming and Bitcoin trading. If you are futuristic and wish to invest in it, this is the right time to start your investment journey. Ensure that you thoroughly assess the market and study the market trend, based on it; you can start working on it.
For more interesting information, connect with Blockchain Council today.
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MRW When Max Bitcoin Farm

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Bitcoin farming returns are weak at the moment - how many of you do it?

Someone let me know if I'm doing the math wrong. Based on using one GPU and not having solar power, you're barely making any money.
Expeditionary Fuel Cans = 70k on Flea at the time of writing this post.
Bitcoin = 150k on Flea
With one GPU, it will take you 20 hours of fuel to create a bitcoin. I checked my hideout and two full expeditionary fuel tanks (60/60) will last 28 hours. So after one bitcoin is made you have earned 150k in income, but it cost you (20/28) * 140,000 = 100,000 in fuel at a minimum. So profit per bitcoin is 150k - 100k = 50k roubles. I guess I should add in the remaining fuel as well. That will cost 8/28 * 140k for a profit of 8/20 * 150k = -40k + 60k or an additional 20k of profit. Total profit is 70k for two full fuel tanks.

Based on what I have not sold from my stash (I have already done a few upgrades and have some spare parts), it would cost me 2.6 million roubles to get the bitcoin farm. It would take me 52 days of harvesting a bitcoin every day just to make my initial investment back. If you hadn't already put a few hundred thousand into your hideout and had some cables lying around like I do, the return of initial investment time would be even worse. I want to do the upgrades but I just don't know if it's worth it given current prices

I'm aware that I could farm the items rather than buy them, but ultimately market price is the best way to look at this in my opinion (although that is not the point of the post).

I believe the first argument to this will be that empty fuel cans can be used for mag case crafting. So lets do the math on that as well.
Metal Cutting Scissors = 70k
Bolts x3 = 20k * 3 = 60k
Screw Nuts x3 = 13k * 3 = 39k
Total Cost = 169k
Fuel canisters should cost nothing as they are used in the bitcoin mining so, 169k in costs yields 320k in income or 320k - 169k = 149k

However, Lavatory Level 2 requires Water Collector 1, 3 Corrugated hoses, 5x screw nuts and 5x bolts. For simplicity I will combine the costs of water collector 1 and Lavatory Level 2 below.
7x Corrugated Hoses = 80k * 7 = 560k
10x bolts = 25k * 10 = 250k
10x screw nut = 130k
3x Duct Tape = 22.5k
Total Cost to construct = 962.5k

So math on combined bitcoin mining and magazine crafting trade is below
Total Costs = 962.5k + 2.6 million = 3.56 million
profit per two cans of fuel = 149k for the magazine craft + 70k for the bitcoin mine = $220k

3.56 mil / 220k cuts down the return of investment to 22 days. Sort of answered my own question there but I still think this is pretty weak given you have to log in at the same time every day to refuel / harvest bitcoins otherwise the returns get even worse.
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I have started unlocking some of the hideout things for the first time. Is getting bitcoin farm worth it?

I have started unlocking some of the hideout things for the first time. Is getting bitcoin farm worth it?
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gotta keep that bitcoin farm running

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Joined tarkov early this wipe, I recently got my bitcoin farm and have stopped dying so much. Now that I can actually spend my roubles on better stuff, what should I upgrade

I usually run a triton, 20 slot size backpack, class 3 armor, budget ak with 7.62 ps or 5x45 bp, momex/cold fear, and a ratnik helmet.
I was thinking of upgrading to the 6B13 for armor, probably a belt A+belt B, ANA alpha, or a Velocity systems for the rig. For backpacks would it be worth it to full send and get the 35 slot ones, or is it okay to stick to the 30ish ones which are cheaper.
For my AKs they all look the same, GP20 stock with pad, ak-100 handguard with a flashlight and rk-0 foregrip, SAW pistol grip, and dynacomp muzzle brake for AKM or DTK-1 for AK-74, and I was just going to look around for different mods for them. However what are people's thoughts on the more modern AK varients? And is it worth it buy newer AK variants of the 74 and M.
Edit: Totally forgot about headphones, never wear them, I probably should start buying them at this point I assume?
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Graphics Card put into bitcoin farming will loose fir status?

Question above :)
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Thinking about the best ROI is for the bitcoin farm and your daily schedule? I made the ultimate spreadsheet for that.

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Bitcoin farm.

So this is the first time I've built the bitcoin farm (lvl 1) and I have a question, is it worth it?
If some one can explain me fast how the ratio of Graphic Card and Bitcoin produced is?
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Bitcoin Farming is TOO fast.

I wanted to get thoughts on the Bitcoin farm. Currently mine has about 38 or so graphics cards in it. I'm producing bitcoins so fast that I can't spend them. (That's not a brag. I'm just letting people know my current state.) But I think that the bitcoin farm should be slowed. I think it would maybe help control some of the endgame chads running super expensive load-outs. If you think about it, at it's core, EFT is about scarcity so shouldn't money fall into that category?
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Collecting Bitcoins from the Bitcoin Farm now resets the timer on subsequent Bitcoins

For example if you have a maxed Bitcoin Farm and you get one every 5 hours, and you wanted to collect them after 1 is made and you're a couple of hours into the next one, when you collect said Bitcoin the timer will reset to the full 5 hours.
Not sure if this is intended or not but what are your thoughts about this change/bug?
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Please increase bitcoin capacity when upgrading bitcoin farm

I feel like I'm getting punished for not being able to log in everyday, each tier should +3 bitcoin capacity, or more.
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Bitcoin farm resets progress when you claim before the farm is full.

If you claim your bitcoin from your farm when it's at 2/3 with 2 hours left on the third one, it will reset the progress on the current bitcoin.
Bug, or just me?
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QOL Suggestion regarding Bitcoin Farm

Just thought that would make gathering and selling bitcoins a lot faster
Edit: My fist post ever. The screenshot was not directly included :/
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The water collector is so buggy. It'd be nice if this has two or three slots like the bitcoin farm. At least every time the filter runs out, you have 2 purified water produced. The current collecting system is a pain in the ass.

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Just got bitcoin farm, does it consume the graphics cards?

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Bitcoin farming time

How long it take to make bitcoin when i have 25 GPU? Iam thinking about selling T H I C C Item case to buy 14 GPU but i dont know if it worth it?
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So do you have to do the Bitcoin farming quests in order to build a hideout one?

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Bitcoin farming question.

I've just got the 10 graphics cards and installed them and it will take 12 hours until I get my coins. Do I need to be online to collect it or will it just carry on mining? I did Google but clearly my Google-Fu skills need leveling up as I couldn't find an answer.
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Bitcoin farms ruined the game for me

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I worked really hard for some time to be able to establish a bitcoin farm, and even longer to get it to level 2. That's about as profitable for me as it can be based on the time that I have to spend on the game.
The problem? I have money to easily. Like way to easily. It was a grind to get it there, but now it's nearly limitless for my K/Dr. Since I don't die every raid, or every few raids even - I never spend my time not profiting.
This has made the game lose it's edge majorly to me. There is no fear of anything. Walk in like a chad, kill like a chad, sometimes die like chad, but no heartbreak, or anger, or anything. Just sort of, "Oh that's inconvenient", and I move on.
Some of you may enjoy that limitless gameplay, but to me it's boring. The factor of this game for me is that fear and hair raising style.
I know, I know. Wipes. However, it doesn't mean it's taken the hard edge away.
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How to mine $1,000,000 of Bitcoin using just a laptop ... Is Mining Bitcoin Still Profitable in 2020? - YouTube Bitcoin Farming Coins 101 Presentation Inside a Bitcoin mine that earns $70K a day - YouTube Ultimate Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Guide - YouTube

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How to mine $1,000,000 of Bitcoin using just a laptop ...

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